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The ESOP Marketplace is the first ESOP community dedicated to all aspects of ESOP creation & management. Many of the advisors and firms that offer dedicated services to ESOPs provide plenty of information for the ESOP community but no one has created a one-stop-shop to provide an introduction to ESOPs for business owners, executives and employee groups who are considering starting one until now!

Right now you can research some of the best ESOP advisors available. By creating an account on our website, you gain access to a full suite of tools to guide you through the entire process of transition to ESOP. If you are already an ESOP, you can make new connections with other ESOPs and ESOP firms who can help grow your company. 

We have resources you cannot find anywhere else, like our ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame. Here you can find interviews with key contributors to the formation of ESOP regulations and associations that makeup the landscape we serve and seek to enhance. 

... [ESOPs] could be, at the risk of sounding dramatic, a major contribution to humanity.

- Roland Attenborough